CPM was founded 1992. The management of CPM have vast experience with regard to the design and manufacture of conveyor pulleys and locking elements.105 Each of the directors and managers have an average of 21 years experience in the conveyor industry. CPM can average up to 250 units a month depending on size. CPM has been called one of the biggest conveyor pulley manufacturers in the world, ie in the top 4, by one of the worlds most well known bearing companies. These figures were based on bearing purchases over a two year period. The biggest contract awarded to CPM was from De Beers (Botswana) for their Orapa 2000 expansion project. This contract consisted of 480 pulleys with a value of USD 1 100 000. Standard CPM pulleys range in shaft size from 30mm to 440mm and can machine and supply up to 6000mm in length of shaft. Diameters and face widths vary from 127mm dia x 320mm face to 1600mm dia x 5200mm face.

CPM designs and manufactures pulleys to suit your particular application and requirements. 2012-02-07 06.40.17Our engineers have developed computer programmes which embody every facet of design. These designs are updated regularly to ensure that the latest technology and sophistication are incorporated. Our computer programmes ensure that our many years in designing and manufacturing conveyor pulleys is readily available to our clients. They put the benefit of our clients, the total analysis, specifications and requirements, so that they can be sure of the best pulley at the most economic prices for any given application. Further developments in design enable CPM to produce FEA (finite element analysis) for any particular pulley, on request. CPM also manufactures a full range of rigid flange couplings and locking elements. CPM makes pulleys designed exclusively for your project.                                            

            Quality assurance

CPM is a listed company in accordance with ISO 9001 (which includes for quality assurance and design). This ensures that our high standard of design and manufacture is always maintained. This programme demands that all components fall well into the given specifications which ensures that no latent defects exist in the materials and processes, which can result in premature failure.april 2013 029

Products and Services

Design manufacture and repair of conveyor pulleys.

Conveyor related products.

Rigid couplings.

Locking elements.

CNC: Precision turning, machining, drilling and milling.

Mining and industrial winches 0.4 Ton to 65 Ton.

Vertical and horizontal sheaves.

Load cells and displays.


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